Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned

NASA representatives offered the following lessons learned.

  • Bring together team members from diverse backgrounds and organizations to provide the infrastructure for KM, as well as the technical teams for innovation.

  • Gather and track requirements to ensure solutions match customersí needs.

  • Develop solutions, services, and rewards that recognize teams and people who share knowledge broadly and provide the environment where innovation thrives.

  • Enlist, encourage, and empower.

  • Develop solutions, services, and rewards. Deliver specific solutions to specific customers. Build KM into the way people already do their jobs. Make services operational (including funding and metrics), and reward knowledge sharing through promotions, recognition, celebration, and time to learn and share.

  • Keep alliances strong.

  • Balance long-term desires (capturing knowledge) with local requirements (specific solutions to a problem)

  • Tailor KM solutions for each organizationís business and culture.

  • Donít try to solve the whole problem; just start somewhere and solve part of the problem